I am having a hard time finding a girlfriend as an FTM, because I haven’t had any of the surgeries yet, so I am still physically female, which makes it difficult to date straight women.

Upon first sight, a straight woman may want you because you look like a male, but once they are aware that you…

If someone doesn’t date you because of your current genitalia, regardless of whatever gender, sex or sexuality you are, then they aren’t worth your time. It may be hard to find someone but, in all honesty, the right person will come around and you will be so happy you didn’t settle for someone who is shallow enough to not date you for your personality.

I like having a significant other that I can just talk to. Like sit around or cuddle and talk to. After riding, a day in the studio, just anything and we can just talk.

It’s nice to have an even keel, mutually affectionate relationship where I don’t feel used.

I’m supported in the things I do and vice versa. What a feeling to spend long, warm spring nights laying outside and talking about anything and everything.

My mom just told me she’s made me into a monster.

Ever since Annabel has been rather mean towards me and I’ve wanted to do something about it, that’s all I’ve felt like. A fucking monster.

I feel like I have had a weight taken off of my shoulders. I like the truth and I don’t like to pry it out of people but it feels so much better when I hear it even if it isn’t something I want to hear. Just knowing that people, even if they lie before, can still tell the truth, is simply a wonderful thing.

I find it to be such a pity when people only talk to you when they have invasive questions for you. Obviously, you don’t talk to me because you enjoy talking to me. You simply want to know things and they drop me and only pick me up when you want something that strictly benefits you or someone else to potentially maliciously hurt me.

Moral of the story: Don’t treat people like shit and cut them out unless you want to know things to either hold over their heads or tell someone else because chances are, if you respect them and appreciate them, they will give you the answers you are asking for.

So I did finally make the switch, this is now my personal blog. I took the liberty of ridding it of all other crap and now it is a safe space to post things that I want to post about. I wanted to delete my other blogs and just have fewer urls.

So here is this blog, to let my feelings run wild and facts from my personal life and my stories and photos to go. 

My two new cuties, Houston and Scarlet.

Houston and Scarlet are two retirees from my college and will live the reminder of their life in my care. I’m so happy to have them come into my life and now Maya will have more siblings!

Once everything is final, papers signed and ownership transferred, I will be very excited to post a picture them as my own.

Thank you to Sweet Briar Riding Program for giving me an awesome opportunity to love and adore these two horses.

Welcome to the family Houston and Scarlet!